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Radical Introductions: Beginning By Going Backwards

For most of our lives we have worn masks that were gathered as a result of our encounters with others. This facade has allowed us to repress our true identity and replace it with one that fits everyone else's ideology.

Radical Introductions: Beginning By Going Backwards is a book that invites the reader to take a self assessment of their current state, offers practical analysis of reasons for discontent, and presents a methodical process for returning us to our roots. That place where we instinctively possess the most power, determination, and clarity. Along the way the book provides interactive exercises and "golden nuggets" to pace the reader's regression.

This book is a must read for anyone who has found themselves climbing the corporate ladder, pursuing a career, or working towards advanced degrees, but are left empty with each accomplishment. Radical Introductions: Beginning By Going Backwards will introduce you to yourself in the most authentic of ways.

Description: Paperback, 76 Pages
Published: December 2007
Cost: $10

Raising a Radical Child

If you have ever looked in the mirror and saw a little boy or girl staring back asking, "Why have you abandoned our dreams?" If you have ever struggled through another long month, week, or day at work, and asked yourself "How did I end up in this predicament?" Then you understand the importance of "Raising a Radical Child".

This book is written under the premise that during our childhood there was a series of events and a number of influences that caused us to become someone other than who we were designed to be. Discover yourself as we chronicle the lives of 10 respondents who were raised with varying degrees of support for their childhood interests. Through their stories we will offer some practical advice and golden nuggets to assist you with facilitating the healthy growth and development of the child over which you have influence.

Whether you are a parent, guardian, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, mentor, teacher, counselor, pastor, or friend, this book will give you something to think about as you work to insure that every child you touch grows up to fulfill the exact dream they were born with. And to guarantee that in 20 or 30 years from now, they are not staring in the mirror at the "Radical Child" they have left behind.

Description: Paperback, 92 Pages
Published: December 2008
Cost: $11.99

Blogs From The Outer Space

Blogs From The Outer Space denotes my thoughts from outside the common way of thinking; concepts, monologues, or writings which have a logical basis, but take the reader on a roller coaster ride through reality. The words which I write are divinely inspired and come to me just prior to being put onto paper. My inspiration could be a bird, a word, or a brief encounter; but it is always written from a place that offers "nuggets that prompt independent thought".

Theses writings have been a wake-up call for some, and confirmation for others. But wherever you find yourself on the continuum after reading this, I hope it inspires you to move further, faster, and with more purpose than you ever imagined.

In order for students to maximize their experience while completing this cohort style internship it is important for them to grasp a basic understanding in Project Management. This skill will enable you to leverage the knowledge that you have with that of your fellow student researcher in a way that will strengthen your working relationship and communication. This is done through an assigning of team members to specific roles that mirror their expertise.

Description: Paperback, 138 Pages
Published: March 2009
Cost: $15

Striving to be the authentic me

One of the easiest ways to discover the purpose or direction for your life is to pay attention to those situations that annoy you. If seeing abandoned or injured animals tugs at your heart, chances are you will experience joy and fulfillment from rescuing or protecting them. For Clarence T. Brown, he is annoyed when individuals, particularly teenagers and young adults, are persuaded to pursue a lifestyle or career that does not consider their strengths and interests. It also bothers him that there is no platform to support this group in discovering the path for themselves. Striving to Be the Authentic Me was written to fill that void.

Brown's first book, Radical Introduction: Beginning by Going Backwards invited Baby Boomers and Generation Xers to assess their life, offered practical analysis for discontentment, and presented a methodical process for the reader to return to their roots. His second book, Raising a Radical Child went a step further by challenging parents, guardians, mentors, and others to ensure that every child under their influence is brought up with the full support and encouragement they need to continuously explore their youthful dreams. Finally, Striving to Be the Authentic Me speaks directly to teenagers and young adults by equipping them with tools they can use to pursue life on their own terms.

As a self-proclaimed purpose facilitator, Brown provides practical advice and tools that allow the reader to remain true to themselves, while navigating the various phases of their life. 'Authentically Me' is the only way to be, and this book provides a blueprint for ultimate success.

Description: Paperback, 96 Pages
Published: January 2013
Cost: $9.99

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