"Clarence T. Brown will assist you or your group with learning the importance of properly aligning your organization's mission with your personal aspirations."


When you and/or members of your institution, company or group are looking to be reenergized and refocused on the goals at hand, ALIGN is the program that will make it happen. Using his 5-step process, Clarence T. Brown will assist you or your group with learning the importance of properly aligning your organization's mission with your personal aspirations. Audiences young and old benefit from his knowledge gained through mentoring countless individuals in education and industry.

Student Alignment

Based on experience and insight gained as a manager for a Fortune 500 Company, Clarence created and directed a career preparatory program for youth in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area for 6 years. The main purpose of the program, Expose and the Maximum Exposure College Tour, was to expose youth to multi-cultural activities in order to assist them with attaining career success. The premise was that everyone is born with a unique character and is infused with culture based on their surroundings; and if they are able to expand these offerings to include things they had not been exposed to, it would make them more adept and more marketable. While performing weekly seminars, one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, tutoring, facilitating cultural outings, setting up job shadowing opportunities and facilitating an annual college tour Clarence discovered a missing element. He realized that though everyone is born with a basic foundation, oftentimes it is utilized to seek external fulfillment by applying external principles. The truth Clarence discovered was that not only are we born with the how to apply our lives, we are also born with the where to apply our lives. And whenever we begin career exploration without sorting and aligning those two elements we are almost assured an unsuccessful pursuit.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would
suffice to solve most of the world's problem.
Mohandas Gandhi

Our student alignment is all about assisting youth and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24 with tapping into their innate capabilities and gifts while connecting them with the activities they undertake, the friends they surround themselves with and the choices they make. This method can include assemblies, keynotes, fireside chats or workshops on:

Alcohol and Drug Prevention
Building Self Esteem
Building Character
Leadership Development
Suicide Prevention

Institution Alignment

Based on experience gained working for or on behalf of minority institutions of higher learning in the areas of soliciting, awarding and administering grants throughout the US and Puerto Rico, Clarence has learned a few things about aligning the goals and objectives of a proposal, grant or project with the institutions long range plans. While on the college campus Clarence had an opportunity to manage a grant received from a federal agency. The experience gave him an opportunity to understand from the ground floor how to successfully manage the workflow and the budget. This success brought the opportunity to move to the national level and manage a portfolio of similar projects. This macro-look afforded him the opportunity to build a national program, seek and receive funding as well as solicit and sub-award funds to institutions who aligned their goals and objectives with those he had set. Adding to this experience an Associate Certification in Project Management, Clarence was able to develop a process that would ensure there is congruency and perfect alignment between the funding agency and their priorities, and the proposer and their long-range plans.

Where there is no alignment between the long-range plans of the institution and the proposed activities, there is no plan for sustainability.

Our institution alignment is all about assisting faculty and staff with identifying and articulating their institutions worth and aligning it with the appropriate funding source objectives. All of this will be done while supporting the overarching initiatives of the institution. This method can include workshops on:

Basic Proposal Writing
Developing a Proposal Budget
Developing a Proposal Writing Process
Grant Administration Utilizing Project Management

Employee Alignment

Based on his 15+ years of for-profit and non-profit management experience, Clarence has counseled hundreds of individuals on life and career strategies. Clarence began noticing a pattern of tardiness, lackadaisicalness and underperformance when employee's morale became low. This low-morale sometimes came from external frustrations, but more often than not could be traced back to the attitude and perception of the employee. Through one-on-one and group coaching, Clarence has been able to restore energy and enthusiasm by assisting the employees with aligning their professional goals with their personal ones. "This approach guarantees that each and every day that a person steps into the workplace they have a personal vested interest in maximizing their day," says Brown. Another area that drains the employees of a corporation is a proper on-boarding process. There is always a gap that exists between the expectation of the employer and those of the employee following the official hire. Clarence has developed a training that would expose those "gaps of opportunity" and assist the new hire with developing a strategic plan for overcoming this potential obstacle. This process drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to acclimate an employee to their new assignment. Not only is this vital at the beginning of employment, but Clarence has also found it beneficial to have an annual follow-ups with the entire staff to address progress and identify new "gaps of opportunity".

When it comes to employee morale - doing nothing is expensive!
Harriet Meyerson

Our employee alignment is all about assisting companies and their employees with identifying their proper fit in the organization; as well as designing a plan of action that will allow them to be constantly and continually self-motivated to succeed in the workplace. This method can include:

Annual Employee Retreats
Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-annual Employee
Keynote Addresses
Teambuilding Sessions

General Alignment

Clarence T. Brown is also available to engage your church, civic organization or community group. Though many of the ALIGN trainings are done in institution or corporate settings, Clarence has taken his message to the community as well. He is a born-again believer who carries a spiritual and moral message. Clarence has had extensive training in Christian Counseling, Project Management and youth programming. His messages can be tailored for any audience. Some of the methods that can be utilized are:

Commencement Speaker
Convocation Speaker
General Meetings
Master of Ceremonies
Youth Conventions
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