"Clarence T. Brown will assist you or your group with learning the importance of properly aligning your organization's mission with your personal aspirations."
About Clarence

Clarence T. Brown is from Augusta, GA, which is often associated with either "The God-Father of Soul" or the Master’s Golf Tournament. Though he did attend a James Brown concert when he was young where he mistook the showman for a magician, not a musician, Clarence has never attended the Master’s. However, growing out of those roots are his two favorite pastimes, edutaining audiences and playing golf.

As a youngster, Clarence was never shy in front of a crowd and thought himself to be a great orator. It wasn’t until he met his first motivational speaker that the pieces to the puzzle begin to come together. As a young professional, Clarence would see young adults job hunting with little or no preparation for what they would encounter. Unexpectedly they would meander into places of business leaving negative impressions and thereby sealing their fate of unemployment. It was this picture of defeat that urged Clarence to develop a program that would prepare individuals of all ages, stages and backgrounds for career success. To this end, he and his wife Consuela developed a career preparatory program, EXPOSE, for youth in Cincinnati, OH. For six years the program met weekly with the goal of guiding students on the educational and career exploratory path with the vision of setting them up for career success. However, as Clarence began to spend more time studying employment and employee fit, he also began to recognize though individuals were becoming gainfully employed, they were not always reaching their potential.

While listening to a message by Dr. Myles Munroe, the final missing piece to the puzzle appeared. His message stated that “Everything in life has a purpose, but not every purpose is known.” In addition, "Where the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable". With these new concepts Clarence began to see how somewhere along the tracks of life our trains are diverted onto tracks that take us to places not designed for us, carrying cargo with a value we do not fully understand. Since this time Clarence has traveled the country playing the role of train conductor assisting individuals with getting back on track and utilizing the cargo they have picked up along the way to bring maximum value to their lives.

When not speaking, training or playing golf, Clarence enjoys spending time with his wife, Consuela, and son, Clarence III (T), in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He has coached his son in football, basketball and soccer while his wife shuttles T off to piano practice weekly. "My quest to help others find and operate in their purpose does not stop when I get home." As a result of this, Clarence has talked about his experience in two of his three books, Radical Introductions: Beginning By Going Backwards and Raising A Radical Child. "As for my wife Consuela’s purpose, it must be keeping me straight." The two of them met Clarence’s junior year in high school and she has been his life’s manager for the last 20+ years.

"What have you done today, that goes toward fulfilling your purpose?"

This is the question that Clarence often asks of the individuals he encounters. For it is his belief that we are all created for a purpose and if we are not constantly working to find, follow and refine that purpose we are wasting our existence. Bill Sunday, a 19th century professional baseball player said “More men fail through lack of purpose than lack of talent” Understanding this statement tells us you can overcome having mediocre talent, but if we do not have PURPOSE, a driving force, we are doomed to failure. So are you working towards your purpose today?

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