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commander pulse manual

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Here’s how to customize: You won’t need to enter a code. You can’t bypass a sensor if it’s armed. Note that you can never bypass fire zones. Also note that a bypassed sensor will reset the next time the panel is disarmed. So if you want to bypass the same sensor the next time you arm your system, you’ll have to go through one of the below sets of steps again: How do I adjust the volume of panel tones? If a full 10 seconds goes by between taps, the entry will cancel and you’ll need to start the sequence over from the beginning.Here’s how to perform a test: Here’s how to check for those snapshots: Tap on an event to see the snapshot. Here’s how: That includes arming and disarming your system remotely. Here’s how to do it: Here’s how: Set the desired access times. But before you add it to your ADT system, you have to add the camera to your Wi-Fi network. Follow these steps: Only users who the system owner has specified can view live video or review clips and images. ADT doesn’t have access to those images and we don’t share them. Just go to Video Settings and adjust the length of time there under Saved Video Settings. System-triggered clip length is not editable (such as an activated security sensor when the panel is Armed). To set up additional users to receive notifications, follow these steps: Once registered, each device must have the Push Notifications toggled On in the app. To avoid duplicate alerts, make sure to turn off text message alerts once you’ve successfully enabled push notifications on the web portal. This capability allows you to set up automations related to when you arrive or depart. To take advantage of geo-services, follow these simple steps: A “Home” Geo-Fence is created by default around your security system address. You can also start a doorbell call and view the camera video from the doorbell at any time. Tap the trouble icon to see a list of devices with a low-battery condition. What do I do?

Next, make sure your Wi-Fi connection shows Internet activity. If your camera still isn’t recognized, call 800-ADT-ASAP for help. If that doesn’t work or you need help, call 800-ADT-ASAP. What troubleshooting steps can I take? If that doesn’t work or you need help, call 800-ADT-ASAP. Check how close you are to your panel, make sure your Internet connection is good and check your security system status. If your touchscreen continues to show “Please Standby” when it’s close to the panel, and the security system is operating properly and your Internet is connected, please call 800-ADT-ASAP for help. You can set up notifications in just a few steps: Based upon the information you want to know if they occur, simply check the box next to the action. Here are a few reasons why you may lose connection: Once power is restored, your cameras will reconnect to the Internet and you should resume full video. Follow the prompts from the troubleshooting wizard when attempting to view LIVE VIDEO. This will help walk you through troubleshooting steps if you’re not sure what’s wrong. To reconnect follow these simple steps. Let us know if you need help making these changes. An agent can walk you through the steps. Or select “ Scan ” if you’d like to change to an existing network. There may be a specific scheduled event like a plumber coming to the house that you want to capture. Or maybe just anything that happens within a camera’s view. Either way, creating a rule is easy. From your Control dashboard: It could be at all times, or on a specific day during a set period of time. Third party marks are the property of their respective owners. To learn more about cookies and how we use them view our Privacy Policy. Your information is collected and used in accordance with our privacy policy If you want a reply sooner, call us directly at: Please contact ADT. Please update to modern browser ( Chrome, Firefox ) to increase safety and your browsing experience. We can show you how.

Having access to the right information at the right time is essential. The Swiftflo Commander offers a new level of intelligence for monitoring and controlling each cow’s milking, feeding and animal health. Milk each of your cows typically 1 minute faster the Dairymaster way! Wash sequences are synchronised and washing can be activated from any unit. It gives me full control of the milking including drafting, retention and feeding to yield. This is something I will not have to take out as I have the latest technology into the future. Ask us a question.If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok. Manual. Telemonitoring SystemIt is beingYou are required toAll accompanying documents including this manual and insertsThe “crossed-out wheelie bin”Instead, return the products to Cardiocom for the recycling ofThis document contains proprietary information, which is protected by copyright. All rights arePage 1Safety Terms UsedCould cause serious injury or death. Will or could cause moderate or minorDoing so could result in strangulation or other injury. Do not use the device power supply if it is damaged, or if it plugs into theWhen using the device power supply, make sure it is properly and fullyFailure to do so could result in electricDo not overload power outlets. Plug the device into the appropriateFlex. Operate the Commander Flex as intended and do not use the device for anyThe Commander Flex is intended for use by an adult. Children should notThe device is not toDo not insert foreign objects into any openings of the Commander Flex orDo not use the blood pressure cuff where either an intravascular access orPage 3Such use may result inDo not use the blood pressure cuff on an arm on the side of a mastectomy. Doing so may result in further injury.

Do not use the blood pressure cuff on an arm while monitoring equipmentIf the product does not operate properly, exhibits an error or malfunctionsFailure to do so couldIf your device needsThe Commander Flex is designed to be maintained and serviced (with theDo not disassemble orThe device is for indoor use only. Do not operate the Commander Flex inIf the device is used close to televisions, microwave ovens, cellularUnplug the device power supply from the electrical outlet before cleaning. Do not plug or unplug the device power cord into the electrical outlet withDo not expose the Commander Flex to water or other liquids. Doing soUse power supply only with electrical outlet of voltages marked on nameDoing so may cause fire or electricPage 4Do not modify or attempt to repair the Commander Flex or peripherals. Doing so could result in the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury. Do not scratch, damage, modify, bend, pull, or twist the power supply cordDo not place heavy objects onDoing any of these things may result in the risk of fire or electrical shock. Do not step or walk on the device power supply cord or any cables orDo not submerge the Commander Flex in water or get it wet (other than theBlood flow interference and harmful injury can be caused by continuousToo frequent of blood pressure measurements can cause injury due toThe device is for indoor use only. Do not operate the Scale WirelessPage 5Remove the batteries from the device when there is a long delay betweenDo not mix old and new batteries, batteries of different types, or batteriesIf battery fluid should get in your eyes, immediately flush your eyes withBatteries are choking hazards for children under 3 years old. Do not allowPage 6Avoid tightly folding the blood pressure cuff or storing the hose tightlyCommander Flex components. If the Commander Flex becomes dirty, clean with a soft cloth that is slightlyDo not use alcohol, paint thinner, or anythingUse care in handling the Device.

Do not drop the Device or any parts orStore the Commander Flex in a clean, safe location. Do not store it in directThe effectiveness of this sphygmomanometer has not been established inDo not use alcohol, paint thinner, or anything. Do not store itPage 7Welcome to the Commander FLEX System. 8. Unpacking Commander FLEX. 10. Connecting Commander FLEX. 12. Cellular Connection Setup. 14. Using Commander FLEX with a Telephone Line. 17. Using Commander FLEX. 23. Main Menu. 26. SC200 Scale (Wireless). 33. Blood Pressure. 37. Pulse Oximeter. 42. Other Peripherals. 44. Care and Cleaning. 45. Frequently Asked Questions. 47. Additional Information. 50. Specifications. 52. Page 8System. What is the Cardiocom Commander FLEX? Commander FLEX is a home monitoring tool. It sends importantThis allows yourYour health care team can makeHow do you participate? Your health care team has provided the Commander FLEX forYou should do this as instructed by yourWhat are the benefits of using Commander FLEX?Page 9. Keep this Manual near your. Commander FLEX for a quick reference.Commander FLEX. Power Supply. Telephone Cord. Telephone Jack Splitter. You may have also been sent one or more of the following peripherals. Peak Flow Meter. Blood Pressure Cuff. Pulse Oximeter. Page 10Note: You may not be sent all of the other peripheralPower Supply. Peripherals. Blood Glucose Meter. Page 11If you note any damage,Save the box for return shipment. Page 12Wired Connections on Back of the Commander FLEX. Ports for Peripherals. Power. Jack. Telephone. JackCommander FLEX Setup. The Commander FLEX is able to send your data to your health careYou can use your home phone line or the deviceCommander FLEX with a Telephone Line.Cellular Connection Setup. Page 13The answers will show upInfo. Button. Selection. Buttons. Screen. Answer Buttons. Page 14Note: You should use this section to set up the Commander FLEX ifWhere to Set Up Commander FLEXHow to Connect Commander FLEX.

Be sure to connect the parts in this order:Plug In Here. Page 15Power. SupplyWhen the Commander FLEX is plugged in, it will turn on and startIf the Commander FLEX was not able to complete the setup processFollow theseSignal Strength and Cellular Connection. If the Commander FLEX has low signal strength, a signal strengthThis meter shows the strength of the cellular connection. The moreHere are a few tips to help you get more bars and improve your signalNow you can turn to Section F forPage 17Telephone Line. Note: You should use this section to setup Commander FLEX if you. DO have a home phone line. Where to Set Up Commander FLEX When Using a. Telephone LineNOTE: You can check to see if the wall jack is working byYou should hear a dialIf the wall jackScreen. Page 18Telephone Line. Be sure to connect the parts in this order:Wall JackThen, go to Step 6.Wall Jack. Page 19Wall Jack. Telephone Jack SplitterPlug In. HereTelephone Jack Splitter. Plug the other end into the port on thePHONE LINE Port. Telephone Jack. Splitter. Page 20Commander FLEX is plugged into the wall jack. SupplyPower. SupplyCommander FLEX, it will call out to complete the setupPage 22After the Commander FLEX is plugged in, it will turn on and start theIf the Commander FLEX was not able to complete the setup on itsFollow these instructions toNow you can turn to Section F forPage 23Using Commander FLEX is Easy! Each day you will simply take a Health Check. This may include:That’s it! The Commander FLEX automatically sends your Health CheckThe transmission process usuallyMore About the Health Check. Your Health Check gathers vital sign data and asks a series ofThis health information is then sent toThe Health Check may also containPage 24FLEX to turn it on. The following messages will be spoken andGood Morning. Are you ready to startFLEX, you will be instructed to take your measurements.

FollowPage 25With the Commander FLEX, you may have been sent one or more ofRefer to the instructions on the pages listedSC200 Scale (Wireless). 34. Blood Pressure. 49. Pulse Oximeter. 54. Other Peripherals. 56Page 26The Main Menu can be used to view past vital sign readings andAccessing the Main Menu. Press the “ ” button during theCheck?” question to enter the Main. Menu. Use the selection buttons onGood morning! Are you ready to startView past vital sign readings. Readings can be viewed in a graphThis section is used to view and change the device settings.This section allows you to change the volume, language, andThis section allows you to change how the Commander FLEXThis section should only be used when instructed by your healthPage 27Care Services.You can change between the Phone Line and Cellular connectionYou can view the strength of the cellular signal. This can helpThe more solid barsThis menu is used to add a number to get an outside line orYou can edit the number the device calls to send data. You canYou can change the dialing type between Pulse and Tone dialing. Most new phone lines use Tone Dialing. Page 28Care Services.Resets the device and deletes all data.Used by technical support.Allows for changing settings to Blood Pressure or configuring theUsed to turn the blood pressure ON or OFF and to set the firstUsed to link (connect) or unlink (disconnect) the SC200 Scale WEPlease note: The menu options may be different as they arePage 29Unpacking the Professional or Slim ScaleIf you note anyPage 30SurfaceCAUTION: Place the scale on a surface away from traffic areasSetting Up the Scale PE on CarpetCup firmly onto one of the rubberCAUTION: Carpet Cups should not be used on hard flooring. If moving the scale from carpet to hard flooring, remove thePage 31FeetCarpet Platform according to theFoot Holders.

CAUTION: The Carpet Platform should not be used on hardConnecting the Wired Scales to Commander FLEXYELLOW port labeled “SCALE” on the back of CommanderKeep your hands at your sides while weighing. Do not hold onCommander asks you to step on the scale, please wait for theCAUTION: Failure to step on the scale correctly may causeIf you feel unstable on the scale,You have lost 1.5 lbs.Check questions or to measure other vital signs.Page 33The Scale WE is a cable-free (wireless) body weight scale that youScale WE does not come with a cable to connect to the. Commander Flex. Please refer to the SC200 Scale WE Quick Start Guide that cameScale Wireless Edition (Scale WE). Carpet Platform. Six (6) AA alkaline batteries. Page 34If you note anyCarpet Platform as shown below.Save the box for return shipment. Page 35Battery. DoorPage 36Wireless Scale on a hard surface. Setting Up the Wireless Scale on CarpetFeetPlatform label.Foot Holders. CAUTION: The Carpet Platform should not be usedPage 37Top View. Bottom View. Page 38After a measurement, theThe weight measurement displays the unit (to one decimal place) andThe battery level appears on the lower left area in the display whenThe transmitting symbol displays when a successful reading hasIf the scale is linked or connected to the Commander Flex, theIf the scale is not linked or not connected to the Commander. Flex, the transmit fail symbol displays. The Commander Flex will notIf the scale cannot take a measurement due to the person beingIf the scale cannot take a measurement, it will say “No weight dataPage 39To be able to send your weight readings to your health care team,It displays: “Are you ready to start your Health Check?”Selecting the “Info. Button” will display the Main Menu. Info Button. Select Device Setup from Main. Menu.Advanced Setup menu.Peripherals menu.Scale.You will noticePlease find and press theIf the scale sound is on, you will hear the wireless scale sayPage 40Taking a Weight Using the Scale WE is easy!

Commander FLEX.Commander FLEX will ask you if you would like to take a weight. When using the Scale WE, ensure your feet are properly positioned onPage 41If you feel unstable on the scale, do notChanging the Volume on the Wireless ScaleWireless Scale set to.Page 42Note: This option is controlled by Commander FLEX if the scale isWireless Scale set to.Changing the Weight Measurement on the Wireless. Scale. Note: This option is controlled by Commander FLEX if the scale isPage 43Selecting the “Info. Button” will display the Main Menu.Disconnecting the Wireless Scale from the. Commander FLEXMenu.Page 44. The Scale will display a battery level at the time of use. Note that whenFull. Low. Before the Battery Level is low, replace the batteries in the batteryAll batteries are to be replaced at thePage 45. If the scale gets dirty, unplug all of the cables from the back and use aPlease follow the instructionsIf on carpetingCheck to make sure the feet ofHow do I know if my weight is in pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg)? Upon taking a measurement, the scale does two things:LCD screen when standing on the scale. Page 47Operation isChanges or modifications not expressly approved by the partyHow to view the Electronic FCC ID. View the FCC ID on the initial startup screen. To view the startupThen, plug thePage 48Unpacking the Blood Pressure CuffIf you note anyConnecting the Blood Pressure CuffHere. Blood Pressure. Cuff Air Hose. Fitting. Page 49Measuring Blood PressureMake sure theWrap thePage 50Rest your armThe tubingBlood Pressure”. Press the YES button on the Commander FLEXCommander FLEX measures your Blood Pressure. The cuff mayDo not be alarmed; this isYou may now remove the Blood Pressure cuff from your arm.Pressure and Heart Rate and automatically transmit your data toPage 51Pressure, it will provide additional instructions.

Follow theseNOTE: If you need to take multiple Blood Pressure readings, letFor Accurate Blood Pressure ReadingsIf necessary,Excessive movement can make it difficult for Commander FLEXBlood Pressure.Page 52Blood Pressure measurements determined with this device areAmerican National Standard, manual, electronic, or automatedThe Blood Pressure Cuff will get tight around your arm in order toThe device is designed to automaticallyPage 53Unpacking the Pulse OximeterIf you note anyConnecting the Pulse OximeterPage 54It will give theseInsert yourFinger Clip. Cord shouldRemoveShield. Finger ClipIt is helpful to rest yourPress the YES button on the. Commander FLEX when your finger is inside the Finger Clip.Saturation”. Wait while your oxygen saturation is measured.If the Commander FLEX was not able to measure your oxygenFollow these instructions toPage 55Commander Flex. Please refer to the instructions provided in the manuals andPage 56CAUTION: The Commander FLEX cannotA damp cloth can also be used to clean the blood pressure cuff,For cleaning other peripheral devices,With the exception of cleaning, the Commander FLEX is designedCommander FLEX device should need servicing, please contact. Customer Care using the phone numbers on this manual’s coverQ. How do I turn Commander FLEX “ON”? A. To turn Commander FLEX “ON,” press either the YES or NOQ. How do I turn Commander FLEX “OFF”? A. Commander FLEX will automatically turn itself “OFF” after 3 to 5Q. Can I adjust the volume? A. Yes, you can change the volume in the Main Menu. Press the “i”Check?” This will open the Main Menu. Proceed through theSelect Device Setup then. Select User Setup then. Select Audio Volume. Now you can select between High, Medium, LowSelect Exit many times to exit the menu. Q. How do I know if my Health Check was transmitted to my healthA. After you have answered all the questions and have taken allPage 59. Q. Can I change my Health Check Answers? A. Yes.

At the end of your Health Check, Commander FLEX willQ. What happens to my Health Check data? A. Your data is automatically transmitted to your health care team. They will use this data to help monitor and treat your condition. Q. Can I travel with Commander FLEX? A. You are not expected to travel with your Commander FLEX, butQ. What if I want to use a normal telephone line instead of theA. Set up Commander FLEX according to the instructions in. Section E. Page 60. Q. What if I need to dial a number, such as 9, to access an outsideA. You can change the Phone Line settings in the Options Menu. See Section M. Press the “i” button during the “Ready for. Health Check?” question to enter the Options Menu then select. Device Setup then select. Connection Setup then select. Phone Line Setup then select. Phone Number Setup. Your provider number will be displayed on thePress YES when asked, “Do you need to dial aSelect the number that you need to dial for anSelect EXIT many times to exit the menus. Page 61Regulatory statements. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) thisNOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuantThese limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulThis equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energyIncrease the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules and the requirements adopted by the ACTA. On theA plug and jack used to connect this equipment to the premises wiring and telephone network must comply withA compliant telephone cord andIt is designed to be connected to a compatible modular jack that is alsoThe REN is used to determine the number of devices that may be connected to a telephone line.

Excessive RENsIn most but not all areas,The REN for this product is part ofIf the Commander causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company will notify you in advance thatBut if advance notice isn't practical, the telephone companyAlso, you will be advised of your right to file a complaint with the FCCThe telephone company may make changes in its facilities, equipment, operations or procedures that could affectIf this happens, the telephone company will provide advance notice in order forConnection to party line service is subject to state tariffs. Contact the state public utility commission, publicIf your home has specially wired alarm equipment connected to the telephone line, ensure the installation of this. Commander does not disable your alarm equipment. If you have questions about what will disable alarmPage 62If trouble is experienced with this CommanderNever install a telephone jack in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations. Never touch uninsulated telephone wires or terminals unless the telephone line has been disconnected atUse Caution when installing or modifying telephone lines. Avoid using a telephone (other than a cordless type) during an electrical storm. There may be a remoteDo not use a telephone in the vicinity of a gas leak. To reduce the risk of fire, use only 26 AWG or larger telecommunications line cord. Accessory equipment connected to the external interfaces must be in compliance with the respective nationallyFurthermore, all configurations shall comply with the system standard IECPage 63Devices. Electromagnetic Compatibility. Medical electrical equipment needs special precautions regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and needsPortable and mobile radio frequency (RF) communications equipment can affect medical electrical equipment.

The following table provides recommended separation distances between portable and mobile RFRecommended separation distances betweenThe Commander FLEX is intended for use in an electromagnetic environment in which radiated RFThe customer or the user of the Commander FLEX can help preventRated maximum output. Separation distance according to frequency of transmitterPage 64Name. Model. Class. Expected Service Life. Commander FLEXStorage Temperature. Operating Temperature:Server Connectivity. Cellular GPRS or CDMA. Standard telephone line (POTS). Peripheral Connectivity. USB port. Serial ports (x5). Commander FLEX weight scale port. Proprietary radio frequency. Scale Professional Edition. SC100 Weight Scale Range. SC100 Consistency. SC100 Display:Scale Wireless Edition. SC200 Weight Scale Range. SC200 Accuracy. SC200 Consistency. SC200 Display. SC200 Battery Life. SC200 Wireless Range:SC250 Weight Scale Range. SC250 Consistency. SC250 Display:Blood Pressure Compliant. Pressure Display. Pressure Accuracy. Heart Rate Display. Page 65The Commander FLEX blood pressure measurement devicePulse Oximeter Calibration. Calibrated to display Functional Oxygen Saturation. Peak Wavelengths. IR Peak Wavelength: 890-915 nm. Red Peak Wavelength: 660-664 nm. Maximum Optical Output Power: 4mW. Information about wavelength ranges can be especially useful to clinicians. Reminder: Because pulse oximeter requirement measurements are statistically distributed,Other Peripheral Devices. See Included Manuals. FCC Information. CD310 Commander Flex, FCC ID: XTQ-CD310 contains FCC IDs: T7V-BC06, N7NWISMO228. CD315 Commander Flex, FCC ID: XTQ-CD315 contains FCC IDs: T7V-BC06, Q78-MC2261. SC200 Scale WE, FCC ID: XTQ-SC200. Page 66Commander FLEX system). Page 67Refer to specific manualNon-protected. Protected against solid foreignProtected against solid foreignIngress Protection rating notNon-protected. Protection against verticallyProtection against verticallyPage 68We are Here to Help.

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